Kroger Feedback Survey Guide – Customer Satisfaction Survey

Kroger Feedback Survey Guide – Customer Satisfaction Survey

Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide for winning the cash prize and the free 50 fuel points. As we all know that Kroger stores are popular and best in the USA. It is simple and easy to complete the Kroger feedback survey with the complete process shown below.

I have seen there is no proper guide to complete the Kroger feedback survey on the internet. So we decided to provide the complete step by step guide to complete the survey without any doubts. People who don’t what is Kroger Feedback Survey should first check this article and start participating in the survey with your entry id. Satisfaction Survey Satisfaction Survey

Participating in the Kroger Store Feedback Survey is quite easy and simple. You just need the Recent Kroger store receipt with Date, Time and Entry Id to start the Survey. These are enough to start the survey. Just check the below step by step process to complete the survey. We even provided all the images & questions asked in the survey in the article. Check them now.

Complete Kroger Feedback Survey Guide – Step by Step

First, you need to Collect the Receipt and Check for Date, Time and Entry ID.
Visit or and start the survey by following the below steps.

  • Enter the Date, Time and Entry ID and Click on Start.
Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey
Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey –
  • In the Next Window, It asks us to Answer the following questions based on the visit where you received this invitation. You just need to Click on Next.

kroger satisfaction survey

Question 1 at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • The 1st Question from the Kroger Feedback Survey is ” Which of the Following Departments did you browse or Purchase from on this visit?”

kroger feedback 50 fuel points

  • You need to select the Item which you brought on that visit from the options provided below. See the Image for more clear understanding.
  • Choose the option and Click on Next.

Question 2 at Kroger Feedback Customer Survey

  • The 2nd Question is to Rate Your Overall Satisfaction with your experience at this Kroger.
  • You need to rate your experience with Kroger from the options provided.
  • Click on Next after rating.

Question 3 at Kroger Store Feedback Survey

  • The 3rd Question is also to Rate Your Satisfaction with few other queries. You can check the below image for complete details. Survey Official

  • Mark the options as per your rating and click on Next.

Question 4 at Kroger Experience Survey

  • The 4th Question is to Rate the Friendliness of the employees.
  • You need to rate the friendliness of the employees based on your experience in this visit.
  • Rate it and click on Next

Question 5 at Survey

  • In the 5th Question, Kroger Feedback asks you to Rate the Food Department questions. Check the below image to make a clear understanding of what I’m saying.
  • Rate as per your experience and click on Next

Question 6 at Kroger Feedback Store Survey

  • The 6th Question at Kroger Feedback customer survey is ” During the Visit, was there anything you intended to buy, but did not”.
  • If Yes, Click on Yes otherwise click on NO. Then Click on Next.

Question 7 at Kroger Fuel Points Survey

  • The 7th Question is “Based on your visit, what is the likelihood that you will…”
  • The options are provided below. Just choose as per you and click on Next.

Question 8 at Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • The 8th Question is ” When thinking about this Kroger store, how much do you agree or disagree with the following?”
  • They will show you the option to choose from. Choose the Option as per your choice and click on Next.

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Question 9 at Kroger Feedback for Fuel Points Survey

  • The 9th Question is to rate the satisfaction of the digital Coupon.
  • If you use the coupon, rate your experience in using the coupon otherwise select N/A.
    Now click Next.
  • Then it will ask you to enter “why you were are not highly satisfied with your experience. Be as specific as you would like”
  • If you want to tell anything just mention there. Otherwise, leave it blank and click on Next.

Question 10 at Kroger Survey Feedback

  • The 10th Question is “Did You experience a problem during your visit?”
  • If you face any problem during your visit Click on Yes. Otherwise, click on No.
    Click on Next.

Question 11 at Kroger Survey for Customer

  • The next question is “We are interested in any additional comments you may have about this visit. Please select the departments below for which you would like to provide additional feedback.”
  • If you have anything to tell them to click on the option and mentioned in the text fields. Otherwise, leave blank and click on Next.

Question 12 at Survey

  • It will ask ” How do you feel about Kroger”
  • You should rate it from 1 to 7. Rate your rating and click on Next.
  • Next, it will ask you to rate “How likely are you to continue shopping at Kroger”
  • Rating will be from 1 to 7. Rate it and click on Next.

Enter Your Details at Kroger Feedback Survey

  • This point is very important.
  • It will ask you two things about Would you like to provide email and one more about participation in the sweepstakes. 50 bonus fuel points

  • Click on yes in Sweepstakes and click on next.
  • Now enter your First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, and Phone Number. Get Fuel Points

  • Click Next to Complete the Survey.

kroger feedback for fuel points survey

So this is how the complete Kroger Feedback survey works. Do according to the process shown above. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. We are here to solve your queries. Share the article & support us by your sharing.

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