Retail: Kroger’s Advances in the North American Market

Retail: Kroger’s Advances in the North American Market

Retail: Kroger’s Advances in the North American Market: Kroger is the third-largest supermarket operator in the world, according to data from the National Retail Federation. This retailer has been embracing big data and technology for several years, first with its alliance with the overwhelming numbers and most recently with the automated British supermarket Ocado Group.

The retail industry is experiencing rapid disruption and transformation in which physical and digital technology are already mainstays around the world. Along those lines, Kroger invested about $ 250 million in Ocado last year, and now the two are set to open the first of about 20 automated warehouses in the United States to handle online grocery services.

Retail Kroger's Advances in the North American Market

“We are transforming ourselves from a grocery store to a growing company by deploying our assets to serve more customers and create alternative, margin-rich profit streams,” said Rodney McMullen, president, and CEO of Kroger, discussing the plans for the retailer for this year.

McCullen said last year that the North American firm was building an ecosystem that offers a variety of modalities, including various purchase routes. That’s why following its projections, Kroger has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on its online operation, including expanding store pickup locations for online ordering and grocery delivery service.

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Additionally, Kroger currently works with Instacart delivery service at approximately 1,600 locations. The company now has a cloud-based signage solution called Kroger Edge, which is a digitally-enabled shelf that communicates directly with shoppers via LED displays.

Likewise, the US retailer has been developing an application for mobile devices that will allow it to communicate directly with customers’ phones.


He’s also working on driverless technology and experimenting with autonomous grocery delivery.

Although this innovative service is limited to within a 1-mile radius of an Arizona supermarket owned by Kroger Co., this represents an important step for industries trying to lower their daily item delivery costs and for those promoting the presence of autonomous vehicles on public roads. Stay with for more latest information on Kroger stores.

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