Masks will Continue to be Required at Kroger, Target, Costco and Other Stores

Masks will Continue to be Required at Kroger, Target, Costco and Other Stores

Masks will continue to be required at Kroger, Target, Costco, and other stores: Kroger, one of the major supermarket chains in Texas, will continue to require employees and customers to wear masks in its stores until its workers receive their covid-19 vaccines.

The Cincinnati-based chain made this decision a day after Gov. Greg Abbott lifted the order requiring the use of masks in public places. “As an employer, food provider, healthcare provider, and community partner, we have a responsibility to help our employees, customers, patients, and communities stay safe,” Kroger said in a statement Wednesday.

Kroger would sell nearly 800 stores in the United States

Kroger joins Target and independent stores like Favor the Kind and The Toy Maven who announced that they will maintain the mask requirement. The mandate of the mask was lifted for March 10. Candace Williams, the owner of Toy Maven stores in Dallas and Southlake, said she is unhappy with Abbott’s decision and that her stores will continue to require face masks and curbside service.

“Most of my staff have not been vaccinated and I have younger employees with risky conditions,” Williams said. She and other stores fear that without the legal protection of the state requirement, confrontations will reappear.

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In the early days of the pandemic, there were frequent frictions between employees and customers who refused to wear the mask, Williams said. In recent weeks they have been reduced to one a week, tops. “It is a serious blow to business in my opinion that again we have to be in the middle of social and political controversies just to stay in business,” he said.

Costco also told its employees in Texas on Wednesday that they will continue to order masks from their customers in their stores. Masks will also be a requirement in the buildings of the Dallas Market Center, a wholesale market where stores come to buy products and participate in events. Walmart has not yet said what their plans are, but last year they were among the first to require the use of masks in their stores.

However, supermarkets such as HEB, Albertson, and Tom Thumb said Tuesday that after Abbott’s announcement they will require their employees to continue wearing face masks but not their customers. The Dallas Regional Chamber, in a statement, reminded its members that 80% of Dallas residents have yet to receive a dose of vaccine.

“Although we are motivated by the recent downward trend in the numbers of new coronavirus cases, fewer hospitalizations and deaths in the Dallas area, it is important to remember that covid-19 is still here,” says a statement from the chamber that grouped to small businesses.

“Until a large majority of the community has been vaccinated, we believe it is important to remain vigilant and protect each other, and our community, from the virus,” the statement said.

“We cannot forget that there are members of our community who are still in hospitals, many people are still at risk, and the coronavirus has not been eradicated.” Stay in touch with for further latest updates on the Kroger store. Feel free to comment below.

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