What Is Kroger Money Services? What does Kroger Money Services offer?

What Is Kroger Money Services? What does Kroger Money Services offer?

What Is Kroger Money Services? Have you ever heard about Kroger Money Services? We all know Kroger as the retail store, but Kroger has the money service also. To know more about different Kroger Money Services, read the complete article. Without going to the bank or without using the ATM you can change the check to the cash and use the debit card to draw the money at Kroger Money Services.

You can use the Kroger Money Services for money orders, bill payments and many more. Kroger will charge a nominal fee when customers wish to get cashback during checkout. There is no fee for below 99 cents, more than that a fee will be charged. You can use the Krogers shoppers card to get more discounts and rewards.

Kroger Money Services
Money Services – Cash Checks, Send Money & Pay – Kroger

With the Krogers money service and the shopper’s card, you can save your money and time. With the Shopperscard you can download digital coupons, manage prescriptions online, build your shopping list, get more rewards, support nonprofit organizations and many more.

What Is Kroger Money Services?

Kroger money services will help the customer for a money order, make a payment, cash a check, or send cash via Western Union. Check below for more details of Kroger Money Services

You can take cash with the check at the Kroger store. Kroger’s check casing option lets you exchange all your payroll, government, tax refund, business, and insurance settlement checks to cash. For this Kroger will charge a fee like $3 for checks up to $2,000, and $5.50 for anything between $2,000.01 and $5,000. Kroger will not accept the starter, personal or third party checks. You need to show any ID for verification like driving license, US Passport, state-issued IDs, Resident Alien ids, military ID.

What Is Kroger Money Services

Kroger Money Services – Pay bills

With this option, you can pay the electricity bill, gas, cable and phone bills from any Kroger Money Services store and at any time. You can pay the bills on the same day also. For discounts at the bill payments simply sign up for Kroger Shopper’s Card. Even the Check with a Money Service is associated with the bill payments.

Kroger Money Services – Card cashing

Use the Kroger Card cashing service and draw the money using your debit card at the Kroger Money Services stores. Even for the card cashing service, Kroger charges the fee like $3 for cash withdrawals up to $300 and $5.50 if you withdraw cash between $300 to $5,000. The limit of the card cashing service is $5000.

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Kroger Money Services – Money orders

To buy the money orders simply visit your Kroger money service store near you. With this mone order, you can pay rent, buy goods and can do more. You can buy one money order up to $ 1,000. If you want to buy more, use the Shopper’s Card. Kroger will charge the fee starts at 69₵ per one money order.

kroger money services

Kroger Money Services – Send and pick up money

Using Kroger Money Services you can send and pick the money from anywhere in the world. Kroger Money Services has a partnership with Western Union. With this service, you can transfer the money world widely around 200 countries.

Kroger Money Services Hours

Typically Kroger Money service will be opened between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. Kroger stores generally close, along with the money services, at 10 p.m.It may vary from store to store location. Some stores may be opened for 24 hours but the money service hours will be closed between 8 a.m.to 9 p.m.

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