Kroger Launches Dark Kitchens in the United States to Serve Delivery

Kroger Launches Dark Kitchens in the United States to Serve Delivery

Kroger Launches Dark Kitchens in the United States to Serve Delivery: Kroger is entering the food delivery business through a rapidly growing new trend: the dark kitchens. The largest supermarket retailer in the United States has partnered with ClusterTruck, a software platform that provides kitchens only for delivery.

The new concept, called Kroger Delivery Kitchen, developed by ClusterTruck, offers fresh meals on-demand, with no service or delivery fees. The option was launched in Indianapolis and Columbus (Ohio), and also in Denver, where it operates under the Kroger King Soopers banner. The two companies are opening the fourth kitchen in Carmel, Indiana.

Kroger launches dark kitchens in the United States to serve delivery

“The way our customers order and receive meals is evolving, and ClusterTruck’s digital and culinary design is cracking the code for the future of profitable meal delivery,” said Yael Cosset, CIO at Kroger.

“We are taking advantage of advanced technology to ensure that our customers do not have to sacrifice quality and value for convenience when it comes to meal delivery,” said the executive.

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Customers in the delivery areas of the cities of Carmel, Indianapolis, and Columbus can go to the retailer’s website to place their orders online or download the ClusterTruck application. The menu includes several options, ranging from pizza to Thai food.

The dark kitchens platform was co-founded in 2015 and launched its first kitchen in 2016. The Indianapolis-based company owns and operates vertically-integrated delivery kitchens, powered by its own software system.

The system uses custom algorithms to optimize kitchen and delivery operations, ensuring that almost all orders are in the customer’s hands within seven minutes of preparing the meal. The average time between placing an order and a customer receiving food is less than 30 minutes, Kroger said. Stay Tuned to for more latest and updated news on Kroger.

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