Kroger CEO Highlights Social Responsibility and Digital Transformation at NRF Retail’s Big Show

Kroger CEO Highlights Social Responsibility and Digital Transformation at NRF Retail’s Big Show

Kroger CEO Highlights Social Responsibility and Digital Transformation at NRF Retail’s Big Show: Rodney McMullen, CEO of the century-old supermarket chain Kroger, gave a presentation on this first day of NRF Retail’s Big Show. He commented on the company’s strategies, always focused on the customer, and the growth plans, including the creation of Restock Kroger, the three-year plan to transform the grocery retail experience through accelerated innovation and new technologies.

In the presentation, McMullen highlighted: “People will always eat, what has changed is what and how they eat”. He commented on the evolution of his offer based on the consumer experience and the different actions that the company had to take to become an ecosystem of food retail solutions for its customers.

Kroger CEO highlights social responsibility

Kroger has been investing in digital, including through partnerships, for example, with Ocado, the first digital supermarket in the United Kingdom, e-commerce giant Alibaba, Microsoft, the robotic delivery startup Nuro, Instacart, and Centro of Innovation at the University of Cincinnati.

The company has also been developing actions such as loyalty programs, personalized offers, personal shoppers, home chefs, and a commitment to eliminate hunger and food waste, in order to increase its responsibility to the community.

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“I was able to see a little of the initiatives they have in relation to the quality of the offer of what they are taking to the consumer and also in relation to the care and attention with food waste. It is essential for companies to take this type of stance, especially in the foodservice market. I found it intense and accurate. It was really cool! ”, Commented Cristina Souza, executive director of GS & Libbra.

The company is one of the five largest retailers in the world, being part of a list that includes Walmart and Amazon. According to them, Amazon “placed an elephant inside the supermarket, it is creating a major transformation within the food retailer”, said Alexandre van Beeck, who also checked the presentation.

During the lecture, the chain’s CEO was asked how the retail of the future will be. “He said it will be neither digital nor physical. The retail will have to be a solution to the customer’s problems, regardless of whether it will be a pickup or a delivery, the retail will have to serve as a customer problem solver ”, said van, Beeck.


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