Kroger and Microsoft Create Futuristic Grocery Store

Kroger and Microsoft Create Futuristic Grocery Store

Kroger and Microsoft Create Futuristic Grocery Store: Kroger and Microsoft join forces to bring the ease of online shopping to grocery stores. Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the United States, remodeled two stores to test the new features, including “digital shelves” that can display ads and change prices on the fly, plus a network of sensors that track products and help customers. Kroger could eventually roll out the cloud-based system it developed with Microsoft in its 2,780 locations.

The alliance is the latest example of how large American retailers implement technology to modernize the often tedious ritual of buying food and keeping up with Amazon, which is hell-bent on taking a bigger share of the $ 860 billion food retail market. from the country. For Microsoft, the deal helps bolster its cloud business, which lags behind Amazon but has found customers like Kroger and Walmart who are reluctant to line Jeff Bezos’ pockets. Kroger also hopes to sell the technology to other retailers, possibly opening up a new revenue stream with higher profit margins than selling groceries.

Kroger and Microsoft create futuristic grocery store

“Together we can create something that separately we couldn’t,” Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen said in a joint interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

In the test store, 10 minutes from Microsoft’s headquarters, a little more than half of the shelves were converted to digital displays that light up with a custom icon when customers reach for an item they put on the wish list. Kroger in-app purchases. Black and white devices in the shape of an ellipse that looks like a cross between a camera and a smoke detector were mounted on the ceilings to calculate data and monitor in case a product runs out. Temperature sensors were installed in a meat gondola that automatically tells workers if it gets too hot, helping prevent the roughly $ 10,000 worth of meat inside from being ruined.

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Microsoft’s artificial intelligence software can predict shopper age and gender, data that will allow firms like Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, and Kraft Heinz to tailor ads to particular customer segments. Kroger also plans, with the user’s permission, to more specifically target products and advertisements to their preferences.

Kroger isn’t the first major retailer to entrust valuable data and tasks to Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. Macy’s, Walmart, and the European company Ahold Delhaize also used the platform. Check for more Kroger updated news.

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