How To Change GreatPeople.Me Username {Step by Step Process}

How To Change GreatPeople.Me Username {Step by Step Process}

How to change username? If you are a Kroger Inc employee, this information will be useful for you. is the employee website for Kroger employees. Kroger is the popular store in all around the world, it has about 2.764 supermarkets, 2,270 pharmacies, 1,537 supermarket fuel centers, 38 manufacturing facilities, 253 jewelry stores, & 232 medical clinics.

It has a huge no of employees working at the different Kroger stores. Kroger has launched it officially for its workers. employees can check their work schedule, on-going discounts and even apply for leaves from this portal. Kroger also provides job opportunities through great people portal.

Change GreatPeople.Me Username
Step by Step Process to Change GreatPeople.Me Username

Kroger Co. offers high-quality products at affordable prices for its customers. Only the employees of the Kroger stores can access a website. It is very easy to log in to portal. All you need to log in to is UserId and Password.

How To Change GreatPeople.Me Username?

UserID and Password are the mandatory credentials to log in to any online account. You cannot log in to the account if you don’t have a UserID and password or if you have entered the wrong ID and Password. It is also not possible to log in with either of ID or Password, you need to have both for login.

Sometimes it is quite common to forget the User ID or Password of your GreatPeople.Me account. No need to worry about it, you can get your lost information from here. Check below to reset your User ID in a simple way.

  • If you have forgotten your Kroger User ID, Simply visit the personal manager or an Information Security team of your Kroger work location store and explain to them about your issues. Kroger team will help you to get your Kroger User ID back. kroger

  • Remember that the ENterprise ID and the User ID are the same. IDs are not case sensitive; that is, any letters in your ID can be typed as either uppercase or lowercase letters.
  • You can rest your UserID on your own without contacting the manager.
  • For this just visit official website. Then find the ”What’s this” link beside the user id field, click on it to get your UserId back. kroger login employee

This is all about the procedure to change username. You can get a detailed guide to change password & login procedure at krogerfeedback. Feel free to share your quires in the comment box below.

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